How to Look After Your Eyelash Extensions

Getting a new set of eyelash extensions makes us feel great every time, so the longer they last, the better! Many of our clients often ask how to look after them to make them last longer and get the most out of each set between infills, so we compiled a list of ways to look after your lash extensions.


Why it’s Important


Of many reasons why it is important to look after your lash extensions, two of the most important reasons are that they will last longer and that damage to your natural lashes will be limited


If you don’t look after your lash extensions it could mean you’ll end up needing an infill sooner than if you took a few extra steps to look after them. You shouldn’t need an infill for 2-4 weeks if the appropriate aftercare is followed, resulting in your lash extensions costing you less and saving you time.


10 Top Tips to Look After Your Lashes


💋 Make sure that before your appointment you’ve washed your lashes so there is a good base to work with, free from dirt, debris and oil build-up. Ensure to use water and a good, foaming cleanser as opposed to wipes, cleansing lotion or micellar water, as these tend to leave oils and debris on your lashes, preventing the lash adhesive from properly sticking to your natural lashes.


💋 Be sure to avoid water and steam for the first 48 hours – this allows the adhesive used to bond the false lash to your natural lash to dry and bond properly.


💋 Brush your new lashes in the morning and at night to give them a fresh look. We recommend using a fresh, clean mascara wand, and not from your tube of mascara!


💋 Keep your eyelashes oil-free as any oil-based products you use on your lashes could loosen the bond which holds your eyelash extensions on to your natural lashes, resulting in your extensions not lasting for as long


💋 Use only oil-free makeup remover (I would recommend using Simple which is an effective yet delicate makeup remover)


💋 Do not wear mascara, the whole point of lash extensions is that your lashes look naturally beautiful, all the time! Adding mascara makes them much harder to clean and hence may result in your lashes not lasting as long.


💋 Now, this is a hard one but try not to sleep on them too often (if you can)! The less you sleep on them, the less they lose their delicate curl.


💋 Have a top-up of infills every 2-3 weeks to replace any lost lash extensions and keep them looking full


💋 Ensure that you are washing your lashes; many think that you’re not supposed to but it’s important to keep them clean, you can purchase lash cleanser from your lash artist or use warm water and a cotton bud to clean around the eyes. It is especially important to gently remove any sleep that’s built-up in the morning.


💋 Do not pick! Now it may seem obvious, but you would be surprised! Do not, for any reason pick your lashes! Even if you have decided you no longer wish to have them, please refrain from picking them and instead let them fall out naturally or book and appointment with your lash artist for safe removal. Picking your lash extensions out can also result in the loss of a few of your natural lashes, which although will grow back for most of us, is far from ideal.


Now you know how to look after your lashes and why it’s important, so no excuses! If you’re looking for eyelash extensions in Brighton or nearby areas in East Sussex, then get in touch! Our small, qualified team of lash artists offer beautiful classic lashes or thick, full sets of Russian lashes, from only £45 for a full classic set or £20 for infills.

Lashings of love

Renee Williams

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